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Urban Odyssey follows an unlikely coalition of urban teen and suburban retirees who team up and connect with nature...and each other.

What begins as a simple community service activity at an urban nature center quickly flourishes into a complex and rich engagement that quietly deconstructs stereotypes of age, race and class. Documentarian Maryanne Galvin tracks a group of teens and seniors as they set out to create ecological initiatives that could change the way we think about our environment and our world. Through vivid examples of school yard recycling initiatives, homeless shelter gardens, and senior center bird watchers, emerges a group credo:  Get outside into the garden or park or even further afield, break out of your comfort zone and engage your senses.

Run time: 46:11

“Urban Odyssey captures the common humanity of diverse people connecting with each other in shared reunion with nature.”

                            - Dr. Robert Kinscherff, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

“As we witness a new "plugged in" generation, seemingly raised without meaningful contact with the natural world, this film provides insight on what it's doing to our children. Leading by example, the film captures opportunities to restore the age-old relationship between people and the rest of the planet.”

                - Dr. Catherine Donahue, Early Childhood Education  (Full) Professor, Wheelock College, Boston, MA

About the Filmmaker:

Maryanne Galvin is a documentary filmmaker and a practicing forensic psychologist in Boston, MA. Her films have won awards at film festivals in the USA and abroad, and have been broadcast and distributed widely. Galvin has also written, directed, and produced three educational training videos for mental health and law enforcement professionals. She holds a doctorate in psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and is a licensed and Board Certified (ABPP/Counseling) psychologist. She also earned the MFA in Creative Writing at Emerson College, Boston. Filmmaker, forensic psychologist, educator and entrepreneur – Dr. Galvin uses her background in psychology/behavioral science and creative writing to inform her visual story telling.