A Passion to Learn and Share Knowledge

Written by Mariah Wilson

I began making documentaries because I loved learning new things. Every time I get involved in a film, TV show, or even a short web series, it’s like getting a crash course on a different subject. In my 12+ years of working, I’ve learned about everything from tunnel building mega-tools to Tokyo truck driver subcultures. I’ve filmed at 12,000 feet high in the remote Andes, and 70 feet below sea level in Fiji. And I’ve loved every second of the immersion into whatever story I am telling.

I continue to make documentaries because I love sharing what I’ve learned with others. My parents were both college professors, and though the teaching bug didn’t bite me, the desire to impart knowledge did. Especially when it comes to under-reported subjects, or little known stories that need a voice or a platform.

In recent years, my focus in documentaries has turned more to animals and conservation. While making my film VOLUNTEER, I began to learn more about what a huge problem poaching is around the world. And in the past five years the problem has only gotten worse. My personal “passion” projects in the last few years have been focused on our current global poaching epidemic, and raising awareness about problem areas that are receiving less attention than Eastern and Southern Africa. The goal of these films is to educate the public about under-reported conservation issues, and engage audiences to support wildlife law enforcement groups dedicated to ending poaching.



For over ten years Mariah Wilson has produced television series for channels like PBS (Nature, History Detectives), National Geographic (Doomsday Preppers, Lockdown), A&E (Intervention), Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Weather Channel, MSNBC, VICE Media, Vocativ, and The Smithsonian Institution. Her most recent short documentary work for Vocativ can be seen here: http://www.vocativ.com/author/mariah/

In 2009 she completed her first documentary REVEALING HATE, about the white supremacist movement in America. The film played at film festivals across the country and garnered several awards. It was distributed by Cactus Three Films and Dark Hollow Films, and has aired on PBS, LINK TV, and Russia Today. In 2011 she completed VOLUNTEER, a film about eco-volunteering experiences in Uganda and Fiji that touch on worldwide poaching issues. It is being distributed by Optimum TV and Dark Hollow Films. She is currently in post-production for KAZIRANGA (Humane Society ACE Award Runner-Up), a short documentary about the rhino poaching crisis in India. She is in pre-production on a feature documentary about forest elephant poaching in Central Africa.

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