An Appalachian Journey

by Andrew Moynehan
Big Moccasin offers an intimate and objective look into the lives of people in a small community in the Appalachian Mountains of southwest Virginia. The four central characters reflect upon their lives in the area, their futures, and their position in the America they live in. 
The landscape of rural America is changing and the population is shrinking due to the younger generation of people moving away to more urban areas for employment. The aging communities are naturally declining, and that is having a major impact on the cultural traditions of the region. Big Moccasin marks a moment in time before this way of life disappears altogether. 
The film is a significant anthropological and sociological account of life in the region, through gatherings in church, the celebration of life through folk music, a hunter tracking deer, tobacco harvesting, a feud between lifelong friends, and the most poignant of moments during which individuals reflect on fate, death, and the end of their storied traditions.
In this account of life in a region so very rich in folklore, these accounts become the fabric of folklore itself.
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