Big Moccasin Educational Release

Dark Hollow Films is pleased to announce the educational release of Big Moccasin, a film by husband and wife team Chelsea and Andrew Moynehan. This engaging documentary chronicles the lives of four residents of a twenty-five mile stretch of road in the Appalachian Valley, an isolated area rich with history, community and independent identity. The people who live in this area of Virginia, where tales of the Civil War and the Great Depression are still part of the daily conversation, are as connected to their land as they are removed from mainstream society. It is a place where home is defined by tradition, faith, friendship and nature. 
Big Moccasin has been a popular selection at film festivals and won the Best Documentary Award at the 2014 Virginia Film Festival. The film was a special selection at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in February, and also has will screen at the Cleveland International Films Festival this month.
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