Breaking Point: The War for Democracy in Ukraine Opens in New York and Los Angeles

Breaking Point: The War for Democracy in Ukraine opened earlier this month at Cinema Village in New York City and at Laemmle’s Music Hall in Beverly Hills. It has received amazing reviews from The New York Times, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, The Village Voice, and other top media outlets.

This extraordinary documentary by Mark Jonathan Harris and Oleg Sanin shows us how a group of ordinary citizens who start out as protestors against the corruption of Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovick and the oppression of Vladimir Putin reach their breaking point and transform into revolutionaries willing to give up their safety, security, and everything they hold dear. It’s a must see for anyone seeking to understand the methods Putin uses to destabilize and weaken governments.

“One emerges from “Breaking Point” stunned and moved, with the realization that the Ukrainians are fighting for themselves, as they have for centuries, but also that they’re now fighting for all of us.” – Owen Gleiberman, Variety

Dark Hollow Films is proud to be the exclusive educational distributor of Breaking Point: The War for Democracy in Ukraine.

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