Bringing the California Condor Back from the Brink

In the months after The Condor’s Shadow premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the film has become a part of the curriculum in college conservation and environmental programs nationwide. Filmmaker Jeff McLoughlin also tours with the film and screens it to Audubon and environmental groups as well as in theaters and museums around the country. (Arrange a screening here: theCondorsShadow.com.)

The film resonates with a broad range of audiences with verite action sequences of biologists mountain climbing into rugged condor nesting habitat as well as scenes that reveal the emotional connection that conservationists develop with these curious and intelligent birds.

In the 2014 Boulder Colorado Rights of Nature Film Festival, audiences offered these screening reviews of The Condor’s Shadow:

“A quiet, beautifully constructed film that provides heartwarming and sometimes heart-wrenching insights into the dedication and heroism needed to bring this magnificent species back. Should be required viewing for those who consistently resist efforts to protect and recover endangered species.”

“I loved learning what conservation of the California condor is like behind the scenes. This film went beyond my expectations.”

“Yes, I learned much about condors and the efforts to save them and the need to change away from lead ammunition.”

The film is a revealing departure from typical natural history filmmaking in the way it lays out just how difficult a task endangered species recovery really is. It’s a natural for those who aspire to a conservation role and those with a concern for wildlife.

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