Educational Release of Brian Lindstrom’s ‘Finding Normal’

This summer, we are thrilled to be releasing Brian Lindstrom’s documentary Finding Normal for educational distribution to colleges, universities and nonprofit groups.  As relevant and engrossing now as it was when it was filmed, Finding Normal follows long-time addicts as they leave a detox center and attempt to rebuild their lives. It provides a rare looking into the day to day challenges of recovery.

Filmmaker Brian Lindstrom has dedicated his career to studying people “who transcend human frailty and other setbacks to discover their truer, better selves, accessing strength and wisdom previously unknown to them,” attempting to answer the question, “How does a person grow?” Finding Normal is one of three of Brian’s documentaries that are available here at Dark Hollow Films. Two of his others, Mothering Inside and Writing Myself, follow similar themes and offer important lessons.

Finding Normal is closed captioned and is available on DVD with PPR with the option to purchase streaming rights. Visit this link to view the trailer and learn more.

The film is raw and real, filled with undeniable moments of pain and elation and human personality. —Shawn Levy, film critic, The Oregonian

‘Finding Normal,’ … stands out as one of the finest films to come out of Portland in years. —David Walker, film critic, Willamette Week

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