A New Economy

Higher Education DVD + PPR: $250.00

A New Economy


Driven by a belief in working together for the common good, seven organizations move towards a more cooperative future by experimenting with non-traditional business models.

This isn’t touchy-feely stuff; this is about getting the world to actually work.”

—Richard Sennett, London School of Economics

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Higher Education DVD + PPR $250.00
Higher Education DVD + PPR + Streaming License $400.00
K-12 and Nonprofit Groups DVD + PPR $149.00

A New Economy is a feature documentary about seven organizations that are laying the foundation for a new economy based on collaboration and community. Watch as these organizations move beyond profit-making, towards a more cooperative future by experimenting with open and non-traditional business models. By rewarding human
effort fairly and proportionately instead of obsessing about the bottom line, these
revolutionary businesses are creating a more people-friendly culture, creating new
ways to make money and make it sustainably.

The film features seven interwoven stories including London Brewing Coop
from London, ON; Sensorica from Montreal, QC; Sole Food Street Farms from
Vancouver, BC; Thorncliffe Park Women’s Committee; The Red Victorian;
and the Borealis String Quartet from Vancouver.

Run time: 85 minutes; Closed Captioned


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Higher Education DVD + PPR, Higher Education DVD + PPR + Streaming License, K-12 and Nonprofit Groups DVD + PPR

Trevor Meier—Director

Trevor Meier is an independent thinker, passionate filmmaker and an empathetic
creative who responds strongly to the opportunities and challenges of the wider world.
Well-travelled, careful and caring, he invests deeply in people and their capacity for
kindness, generosity, creativity and community, which to him are true wealth.