Beautiful Wood

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Beautiful Wood

Tom Pleatman makes wooden bowls because they bring out the beauty of the wood.  In this documentary portrait by D.B. Jones, we watch the artist work with various kinds of wood, follow him in his quest for unusual pieces of wood, and listen to him talk about wood and the craft of making bowls. The film explores the passion, truth and honesty of an artist and conveys a simple yet powerful lesson about the creative process.

Higher Education DVD + PPR $139.00
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For artist and craftsman Tom Pleatman, the beauty of wood is best displayed in the shape of a bowl. Pleatman never buys wood; he uses only local wood, which he obtains from fallen trees or trees that have been felled for other reasons. From start to finish, his patient working of the wood and the painstaking application of the oils render Pleatman’s bowls beautiful to both sight and touch. As we are shown the major steps in his making of bowls, his philosophical attitude toward wood is revealed.

Run time:  34 minutes


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Producer/director D.B. Jones is the Dean of Pennoni Honors College at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Dr. Jones has authored two books and three book chapters on documentary film and written numerous articles, essays and reviews on film and literary subjects. He has writing, directing and/or producing credits with such organizations as the National Film Board of Canada, Film Australia, WNET-TV (PBS–New York), CBS–TV, Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Dutch National Television. Several of his films have won national or international awards.