Ending Silence

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Ending Silence

ENDING SILENCE, SHAME & STIGMA: HIV/AIDS IN THE AFRICAN AMERICAN FAMILY explores the impact of HIV/AIDS on the Black community and addresses the complex social issues factoring into the high rate of infection among African Americans.

Topics addressed include women’s studies; addiction; African American studies; family relationships; Christianity; sexuality and religion; sexual behavior in the African American community; judgement of those who have the disease; and the need for cross-gender dialogue in progressive churches and in the community.

“You have managed to show that this disease is still a deadly one—particularly for our community, and particularly for Black women. You have done this while putting a very human face on the depressing statistics and while simultaneously offering a sense of hope.”

                —Todd McFadden, Director of Upperman African American Cultural Center,  University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Higher Education DVD + PPR $189.00
Higher Education DVD + PPR + Streaming License $339.00
K-12 and Nonprofit Groups DVD + PPR $89.00

Approximately one million people are infected with HIV in the United States, and more than 500,000 of them are African American. With AIDS still a leading cause of death for heterosexual African American men and women, increasing dialog and education about awareness and prevention is one of the keys to controlling its spread.

Featuring interviews shot over a period of five years with individuals both affected and infected with HIV, the film places a human face on the disease and invites the viewer into a conversation that requires more participants in order to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Black community.

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is held annually on February 7th.

Run time: 30 minutes

“…The end is in sight for this disease, medically. But if we don’t go hand in hand with the stigma problem, along with the medical advancement, then we’re never going to defeat it. … And the way we do that is to be more compassionate, more understanding, more loving toward each other. We have to change attitudes.”

                —Elton John, Keynote Address, International AIDS conference, Washington, D.C. July 2012

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Higher Education DVD + PPR, Higher Education DVD + PPR + Streaming License, K-12 and Nonprofit Groups DVD + PPR


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