Seed & Sprout: Growing the Food Rescue Revolution

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Seed & Sprout: Growing the Food Rescue Revolution


In 2015, one in six Americans experienced hunger while over 40% of food produced in the USA went uneaten. This film follows eight innovative food rescue initiatives across the USA and asks the question: Can ordinary people end hunger by redistributing a small percentage of wasted food flooding our food system and dumping grounds?

This well-crafted documentary should be a must-see for any program addressing social change in the USA. Certainly the issue of food insecurity is paramount in this country and often overlooked. The filmmaker has done an admirable job of covering important programs that are making a difference and leading the way.”

—Coalition for Quality Children’s Media/
KIDS First Film Festival


Higher Education DVD + PPR $289.00
Higher Education DVD + PPR + Streaming License $439.00
K-12 and Nonprofit Groups DVD + PPR $189.00

Seed & Sprout is a great display of the issue of food waste in the United States. This film also shows grassroots ways to reduce food waste and feed our food insecure families. This film is a must see for those who care about our environment and are concerned about our hungry citizens.”

—Michelle Winning, Vista/EndHunger.org

Profiled in the film are eight innovative food rescue initiatives that are feeding the nation’s hungriest citizens while reducing the amount of food—as much as 40%—that goes uneaten each year. From prison farms and grocery store donations delivered solely by bicycle, to gleaning from Harvard University dining halls, local farms, and supermarkets, these go-getters are encouraging a whole new generation of creative responses to ending hunger and shrinking landfills. They examine sources of wasted food, such as unsold farm and supermarket produce—cracks in our nation’s food donation system—and create ways to redirect perfectly healthy and nutritious food to those who need it most, in a dignified manner and at prices that everyone can afford. The film asks whether ordinary people can end hunger in America by redistributing the wasted food that is flooding our food system and landfills.

Run time: 47 Minutes

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Higher Education DVD + PPR, Higher Education DVD + PPR + Streaming License, K-12 and Nonprofit Groups DVD + PPR

Maryanne Galvin is a documentary filmmaker as well as a practicing forensic psychologist in Boston, Massachusetts. Her films have won awards at film festivals in the USA and abroad and have been broadcast and distributed widely. Galvin has also written, directed, and produced three educational training videos for mental health and law enforcement professionals. She holds a doctorate in psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and is a licensed and Board Certified (ABPP/Counseling) psychologist. She also earned the MFA in Creative Writing at Emerson College, Boston. Filmmaker, forensic psychologist, educator, and entrepreneur—Dr. Galvin uses her background in psychology/behavioral science and creative writing to inform her visual storytelling.